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Chad Bartlett
Knows Freedom

Imagine your business is generating, qualifying, negoatiating and closing deals without you. This is the ultimate work from home strategy for real estate. No schedules, no bosses, no long hours. You are free.  You are living The Autopilot Life. 

Starting his real estate career while working long hours as an auto-mechanic living in Alaska, Chad was struggling to find a way to quit the 9-5 life so he could spend more time with his growing family. 

Realizing he had replaced his mechanic's job for a real estate job, Chad decided he needed to put systems in place in order to automate his business so that he could truly have a freedom business.

Chad currently runs a successful real estate investment and education company remotely while living and traveling internationally with his wife and four children.  His passion is to show others how they can be truly free to do what they love with the people they love.  

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The MOST COMPREHENSIVE & EASY TO FOLLOW VIRTUAL real estate program ever created! 

This course will get you stay at home business crushing in no time!

Designed to get the newbie off on the right foot, or scale the expert to the next level of freedom and profits!  Chad disassembles every role and activity inside your business, and rebuilds it with the systems needed to ensure maximum efficiency.

Whether it's seller lead management, marketing and lead generation, acquisitions and negotiations, or dispostions and selling your deals, Chad goes deep to make sure you're set up on Autopilot.

It's time to get out of your business, and into the Autopilot Life!   Plus all of these BONUSES...
Welcome To The Most COMPREHENSIVE And EASY TO FOLLOW Real Estate Automation Course Ever Created. It was designed to set the Beginner off on the Right Foot from the Start, or  Scale The Expert Into Next Level Profits and Freedom. It’s Time YOU start creating the freedom your deserve. Stop being chained down to faulty processes and systems. Follow this tested and perfected blueprint to success!!  Plus these bonuses:
  • NO MONEY DOWN REI BASICS- This mini course is designed to get the newbie up to speed on different investment strategies, and understanding of wholesale techniques.  It also includes all of Chad's contracts and documents he uses everyday.
  • AUTOPILOT LEAD GENERATOR – Get access to Chad's "in-house" marketing team, where you'll get his time tested custom market pieces, have them deployed on AUTOPILOT, access to motivated seller lists,  pull  comparables for free, and have the FREE Concierge Service set it all up for you!!!
  • CUSTOM KPI TRACKER – Use the EXACT KPI tracker sheet Chad uses in his business. If you don't know your numbers, how can you ever scale your business?


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“Like Uber broke taxis, Chad literally broke the way  you invest in Real Estate.

                               ~Dean Graziosi 

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Chad Bartlett's Book

The Book of Mistakes

Why You're Not Where You Want to be 
in Real Estate...Yet

The Book of Mistakes is a book designed with one purpose in mind; to share with you the brutally honest TRUTHS as to why you're not where you want to be in your business, and show you how you can drastically change your path. If you're ready to grow, get your copy NOW!

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